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Harker Herbals Aloe Vera GelB (previously Active Aloe Vera Jelly) isB a gentle, natural skinB care Aloe gel to help refine and repair skin. Apply liberally to face and body to help improve skin texture.B Ingredients Aloe Vera Powder, Tragacanth Gum, Xanthan Gum, Jojoba, Lemon, Lime, Neroli, Olive O..
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General Information Alternatif Collagen Formula XTLB is a breakthrough formula incorporating the two key nutrients required for the support of skin, nails, and hair. With extensive use of Collagen Hydrosolate Formula XTL also incorportates a newly developed compound called Complex-K, this new and ex..
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Bruise Cream helps soothe tired muscles, joints and bruising.With the soothing properties of arnica and chamomile, this cream is an excellent 'sports-rub' that can be applied after strenuous activity, or injury to revive tired and strained muscles and bruising. Contains the natural oleoresin Turpe..
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Cherry & Vanilla Soap
-100 %
Description Fragranced with the fruity aromatic intensity of summer fresh cherries entwined with the rich and seductive notes of vanilla, this triple milled soap gently smooths, softens and cleanses your skin.B B B Ingredients All Ingredients SODIUM PALMATE, SODIUM PALM KERNELATE, AQUA, PALM KERNE..
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A gentle relaxant for little ones needing to slow down or settle into sleep. Suitable for babies and children to 12 years:Sleep formula to establish healthy sleep habits and routines Supports wakeful children to settle into sleep Encourages relaxed, restful sleep Can be used for daytime naps Take ..
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Boosts and builds strong immunity and supports increased energy in little ones struggling to thrive. Great for every day use to support long term recovery. Suitable for babies and children to 12 years.Supports strong immunity and healthy energyUseful everyday support for those prone to repeat il..
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