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쏟아지는 쿠폰 혜택으로 득템하자! $150 이상 구매고객 한국 무료배송 이벤트!

About Us

NZKSHOP is operated by MIK Group Limited was founded by Harry Kim in 2020.

Our mission is to supply the best New Zealand products to the Korean market. NZKSHOP will give both manufacturers, and consumers great opportunities to buy and sell New Zealand made products and export opportunities to the manufacturers in New Zealand.

NZKSHOP works with NZ Korea Post that has 20k visitors daily and 70k+ registered members throughout New Zealand and Korea.

We also have two stores on open markets in Korea, such as Smart Store with Naver and Coupang for Korean customers' convenience.

NZKSHOP also has two other departments, KSHOP and GSHOP.

KSHOP will sell high-quality Korean products such as K-Beauty, K-Fashion and the personal health equipment, etc. GSHOP is the Group Deal that will offer the best price for multiple purchases.

Established to meet all of our connectivity in the world best products so that everybody is happy with NZKSHOP.


NZKSHOP - MIK Group Limited
9/30 Upper Queen Street
Auckland CBD
Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Phone: +64 9 7777 110